Fall 2010 Round Up: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

Shinbo's trying something different again.
This time, we have plenty of camera pans, high/low angles, more cels per scene, but quality per cel suffers; maybe that's the style they intend to go with anyway, but the characters always seems to look distorted and poorly drawn. They've gone one step beyond Natsu no Arashi (haven't seen Arakawa) and I can't say I appreciate that much... where did the huge budget for this show goes to? The number of unnecessary cels they make?

Plot/Concept wise, the series is actually quite a lot of fun, right from the opening theme itself. Hotori, the main character, is a very random character and the series is almost all about her rather stupid antics. I don't really like how Omigawa Chiaki sounds totally crazy voicing Hotori, but I like her enough to appreciate how she helps make the show comes alive. Futaba Kon's really well-liked by other people, although I couldn't quite appreciate her charm. Yazawa Rieka, her seiyuu, is new to the business... her singing in the ED's pretty awesome, but I didn't really like her voice work. It will still take a while for her to grow into the industry.

Despite being a comedy, I can't say that the show was really funny, but it does somewhat make up for it with the wackiness and randomness that comes out of Hotori. Well, to me I liked the style of the series at the beginning, but I can't help getting more bored with it towards the end. There's a couple of episodes where I can't even absorb anything, even if they're hailed as one of the funniest episodes.

Plot/Concept: Too bad the original material isn't all that funny either.
Story Style: I guess the fun wears off after a while.
Audio/Visual: Fairly Good
Value: 6

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