First Impression: Fractale

Where are my purple hair bishoujos?!
Although I'll like to say that one's perception of a series should not depend so much on visuals, much less hair colour of a character, I'm a very visual person and I must say that the brown and red hair doesn't quite make the series as unique as it could be.

On the other hand, I'm very satisfied with how the animation turns out. Based on the promo posters and videos I'm expecting the animation to be a lot like Allison to Lillia, but it turns out to be a lot like Kannagi... Yamakan's influence perhaps? In any case, I can stomach the moetastic animation better than most avant-garde.

It's funny how few bloggers there are that really continued to the second episode. While I agree that the feel of the first two episodes isn't gonna take us on a great journey anytime soon, I feel that it's a great introduction to the character's two main heroines and giving us a little clue of what exactly they are. My own speculation is that Phryne is one of the few person in the world of Fractale that can control the Fractale system, and Nessa is a avatar, or doppel of the system itself, suggesting that the system might be self-aware.

Speaking of Nessa, I'm a bit irked that they focused on a shot of her like this. Doesn't this shot makes her look rather old and lack of any of her genki-ness? Or maybe they're trying to tell something more with this shot?

Also, because of Nessa, I'm impressed with what you can do with Hanazawa Kana's voice. Having just finished seeing her performance in Asobi ni Iku yo!, it's nice to see the other side of the spectrum for the use of her voice. Genki Nessa aside, there's quiet Tenshi, shy Nadeko, irritating Sakura (KaichouMaid), sadistic Zange, innocent Kobato, mature Susukihotaru... she's quickly becoming on of my favourite seiyuus.

For now, Phryne's our mysterious heroines that will bring the plot twists I'm expecting the story to have, and Nessa's our native moeblob protagonist companion until near end of the series, where I'm expecting the both of them to be heavily involved in the outcome of the Fractale's (or world's) fate. And expecting lots of GAR from Clain.

I won't be disappointed if everything turns out like what I've predicted, because it's all up to the studio and director's style to make sure nothing feels overly cliché. I have faith in Yamakan's skills, and since it's his career on the line I feel that Fractale is going to turn out pretty good. From the feel of it, perhaps it will become something like Last Exile with a bit of Haibane Renmai and Shangri-La.

Outlook: Very Positive.

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