First Impression: Infinite Stratos

Tsundere childhood friend: Now two for the price of one!

Despite how some other bloggers won't even acknowledge this anime, I don't even need a preview to know that this is going to be my favourite series this season. All I need to know is that series boasts good character design, good fight scenes, good VAs, crew behind Macross Frontier, mainstream non-eroge action genre, and I know it's gonna appeal to me =D

Perhaps it's too mainstream that some people won't even try this series? True, we're seeing a very shounen-like of fighting, complete with mecha and overpowered protagonist. There's a harem of underage girls too. But hey, that's pretty much the exact formula that Macross Frontier runs on, and it works. Most importantly, it sells... really well. And since Macross Frontier is one of my favourites and the crew behind it is on this series, there's no doubt that I'll be watching this one.

And it does not disappoint. Not one bit. Where do I start? First of all, the animation rocked. Plenty of series nowadays depends on the concept too much and skimps on the animation, but not IS; the quality of the fight scenes is on par with Macross's, and although the scale of the battle have not gotten really big, I don't think they would deliver anything less.

I loved the character designs too. While Ichika doesn't stands out too much from your typical shounen protagonist, he does managed to escape every trait that I've come to hate, namely being weak or oblivious. Houki fits perfectly into the Hikasa Youko's tsundere archetype. Well, almost too perfectly, which made her a little too one-dimensional, but being a osananajimi and being voiced by Hikasa Youko redeemed that. I know, I'm bias. I still didn't like Yukana, but Cecilia's pretty funny in her own way, and her fighting style's pretty cool too. Although Lin Yin only appeared on one episode so far, I liked her best among the heroines... mainly because she's more proactive and genki. She's way cuter than the rest too =D

Looks like we'll see another two girls joining Ichika's harem; a short hair blonde (looks like the shy type) and the silver hair eyepatch girl (looks like another tsundere).

The OP and ED's pretty old school and might take a while for me to appreaciate it... not that it ain't good though.

Can't wait for the next episode!

Outlook: Excellent!

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