First Impression: Yumekui Merry

Yumekui Merry hasn't quite proved to be a real seller but has at least proved to be interesting enough for me to continue watching it. Not that I'm real impressed with these dreaming stuff though. It might have been a pretty original idea, but the idea of having non-humans coming from another reality to fight has been done to death. Yumekui Merry needs something more than lucid dreaming and something more creative related to the topic of dreaming to really bring out appeal.

I've only realised in episode 2 that Merry has slit eyes. I must say that itself made her a lot more interesting for me as it is something you don't always see. Episode 3 shows another character with crossed eyes too. I don't know if the character Minato will have anymore roles in the future episodes, but if she has, her introduction comes off pretty weak. Despite her role in the episode, her character is almost formulaic to the standard supporting character; nothing more than that.

Also in the third episode, we finally got an idea of how the term "Yumekui" comes from, albeit it's just a silly nickname Yumeji thought of.

If the rest of the episodes carry on like this, I won't say it's really a show worth watching unless they planned for an epic ending, which I highly doubted. I do hope they would ramp up the action and story a little, and provide more eye candy =)

(Eye candy does not equate fan service!)

Outlook: Fairly Positive

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