A quick review of the FREEZING manga

The announcement of the anime and Ray's review of the manga prompted me to take a quick look. Like Ray, I've ended up reading more chapters than I've intended because of how... Gripping it was. Basically, it was like Claymore all over again. With a lot more titties.

Well, I didn't read through all the available chapters in one sitting, but I did take time over a few days to finish them all. But no, it's by no means something amazing. It's a battle manga, and it's what is going on most of the time, with little story taken into account. Although I'll say there some resemblance to a plot, 80% of the manga is all about fights. The fights itself are pretty good, which is what makes the manga 'gripping', because you'll always want to see what happens next. That's the formula that runs on Claymore, Medaka Box, Gantz, and if I may, Bleach and Dragon Ball and so many others. I won't say these series are bad (seeing how well they sell) but I won't say I like them very much either. This is what you'll expect on FREEZING.

Sadly, I find that their attempt to inject a bit of romance failed badly. The male character has so little relevance to the story AND the other characters, and that one chapter of their date in the amusement park is epic fail. Their attempt to dramatize the death of a character wasn't as good as I thought it could be too.

On the plus side, the concept of the battle are much more interesting compared to that of Claymore's. The drawings are superb, and although I find the female lead's usual battle clothes a big turn off, most of the other's are much cuter and sexier. Sadly, I don't think the animation quality of the anime justifies the quality of the manga's drawings (more about that in later posts).

Due to the difference in quality of the drawings... I'm more likely to drop Claymore instead of this but I think that the story of FREEZING might have jumped the shark (look at her going all super saiyan in that pic up there) with the most recent arc. I might not continue this if the story can't bring in anything new.

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