Favorite series of 2010, LAST DAY to vote!... and my Top 5

It's the LAST DAY to vote for the Favorite Anime Series of 2010 survey, if you wanna contribute to the results. There's a chance your comment will get published too.

Read more to see my top 5 pick, although it should be published as part of the staff's picks in a couple of days.

#5: Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu

Er, I'm actually surprised that this got into my top 5, because I can't say I enjoy it enough to justify a top 5 BUT... turns out that 2010 is a pretty shitty year. There were loads of series that started strong but finish with a crappy ending, like Kaichou wa Maid-sama and Otome Youkai Zakuro.

I'm not saying this movie is bad, of course... the movie had amazing cinematography and atmosphere that few can match. The story is one of the best storylines in all of Haruhi's as well. Perhaps the reason I didn't enjoyed it as much is because many parts of the movie dragged out way too long than I would have liked, and since I've already read the story, the slower parts of the movie becomes a bore.

#4: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Although I could only consider this an anime to a certain extent, PSG was definetely one of the more interesting series of the year, even if it largely stems from the unique combination of childish animation and adult themes. That combination is actually pretty difficult to work with but luckily the story style of PSG fits into it very nicely. The wacky and crude humour you find in PSG isn't something you can find easily in japanese animation, which is why it makes it all the more enjoyable.

#3: Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu

The two new characters are nondescript, but Yuno and the old company is still a lot of fun in the fuwa-fuwa slice-of-life we're familiar with. The animation has gotten a lot smoother compared to the last two season too. And if something can warrant a third season you can be sure that it runs on a proven formula that sells. The HUGE difference in budget compared to the first season and two season of experience tells you that they have likely perfected the writing of the show. This is the best season of Hidamari Sketch yet.

#2: Working!!

Now this is surprising, because a relatively unknown show can make me enjoy it so much that I've went ahead and bought the manga. The characters are what made the show so entertaining and besides being extremely cute, they are to a certain degree, pretty original as well. Yandere and tsundere traits are nothing new but they do break away from your usual stereotypes that has plagued the anime market. WORKING is actually close to being my #1 (surprisingly) but I guess you just can't beat... K-ON.

#1: K-ON!!

I'm sure we all agree that the market is flooded with moe trash but if there's anything that can do moe right, it's K-ON. The second season almost lost the music element but most people (like me) watch it for the moe anyway. It's obvious they the studio really put in effort to perfect every aspect of the series and I say they've succeeded at that. They've created the epitome of a moe anime. (Although I'll like to see if Nichijou can top that)

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