First Impression: Dragon Crisis!

Well, I was wrong. I thought that a clingy Kugimiya Rie stereotype would be cute (like how Chobits would), but I've forgotten how irritating Shana could be.
Screeching "Ryuji" endlessly doesn't help either. Unless Dragon Crisis has the kind of depth Toradora has, it's hard for me to like another tsundere loli voiced by Kugimiya Rie. With that said, Dragon Crisis is fucking irritating.

It doesn't help that the male is someone who always get dragged around either. I like Eriko and the newly introduced Magura, but I doubt they can bring the story very far. The setting isn't very interesting either. It's a world with plenty of magical artifacts that people can fight with, and there's dragons who could take human form. That's about it... nothing new here.

Wuss Face.

I didn't like the animation style (too bright, characters not detailed) nor the music. The reason I stuck to it for 4 episodes is due to Eriko and I wanted to see what the plethora of female supporting characters can bring to the show, but seeing the direction this show has been going I doubt they'll be worth it.

Dragon Crisis: Dropped

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