First Impression: Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

I never really bothered to take time to write a first impression of Kore wa Zombie desu ka... not that it was bad or anything, but I just don't really have a strong opinion of it. While I agree with many other people that initially the series looked really promising, the latter episode doesn't bring me the wow factor I was looking for. Overall, Kore wa Zombie desu ka never struck me as "awesome" or anything... it was more like "pretty cool".

Perhaps I'm already used to seeing nonsensical ideas from series like this, that the flying whale in episode 4 didn't surprise me one bit. When is the last time I saw something like this? Seto no Hanayome? If the comedy in this series was as good as SnH, then I might really change my impression of DEEN.

Outlook: ...Well, it's a keeper.

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