Fractale Ep8: Unlimited Nessa Works

Or as the series reveals, Unlimited Phryne Works

What... no love for Fractale? All I've seen on the blogosphere this weekend are about Madoka episode 10, and even though I've not watch it yet, I've been spoiled enough to know that that would be the best episode ever, in the series and (some say) in the industry. But let's not forget! In Fractale as well, we finally learn a lot more about what's going on in the series and have a clearer picture of what will happen next. The many things revealed and the action in this episode made it one of the best episodes yet in the series too (similar to Madoka Ep10, from what I've read). The previous episode was also pretty awesome, but I didn't really want to write about that... because half of the awe comes from the visuals in the futuristic city.

I really like this pic of how Phryne is intensively worried about Clain. Phryne is never one to show much emotion, but this hazy image of her while Clain is sub-conscious shows how much Phryne actually cares about him.

Another shocker this week; apparently Phryne's function as a "key" is linked to her VIRGINITY (or more specifically her hymen?) as she is subject to the kind of virginity inspection process we saw in Dance in the Vampire Bund.

Anyway, Nessa's superhuman powers in a computerised environment, combined with her ethereal body that can fly and pass through walls, makes her so awesome, on top of her and childish character. I loved the HERO face she gave when she saved Phryne from her "examination".

So this is what we've learned so far:

- Phryne is the "key" that can save or destroy the Fractale system, but she is a "flawed" or "failed" key. Despite that, she is the original key and her "father" needs her because of that.
- Phryne's "father" is part of an group that clones Phryne in a bid to create a perfect or working key.
- Nessa is how Phryne looks like when she was younger.
- The underground facility stores hundreds or thousands of Phryne clones. Since they are all pretty young, they all looked like Nessa but they're all called "Phryne".
- The "other Nessa" in episode 3 is one of those clones.
- The clones are destroyed if they are deem "failed" or ineffective.

- The "Nessa" that has been following Clain around for the past episode should be the perfect key they've created.

- If Nessa is a doppel or not, since she can appeared in areas not inside the Fractale system. If I had to guess, she would be the very manifestation of the powers of a "key".

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