Series Review: Tears To Tiara

Tears to Tiara is surprisingly exciting. I'm serious! Then again, that can be said for a lot of shows when you watch it at X2 speed.

Seriously, I'm watching this only because it's one of the last shows I promised myself that I would complete, so that I would write a fair review. Or maybe I'm just finishing this so I could criticise it all the way to it's end. Anyway, this tells you a lot about my overall impression with the series; it's fucking boring.

To be fair, the fight with Gaius and Lydia was kind of nice with the character development and it allowed me to take the series more seriously for a bit. But it's too bad the first few episodes was so dumb and boring that I can't help seeing the rest of the series in a very negatively light; so much that I actually dropped the series for more than a year. (I was watching it while it was airing) It pretty much runs on the same formula the more recent Shukufuku no Campanella runs on; a large number of female cast that has uniquely design RPG style clothing with different kinds of combat abilities, got close to the main character for no good reason, shows up every now and then fighting cannon fodders, and little to no personality. Characters like Morgan and Llyr are the very definition of these formulaic characters, although Morgan redeemed herself a bit with the friendship she had with Octavia.

The story was even worst, and it was something that can be summarised in 30 words or less, but I'm not even gonna try. Basically it's a "good guy kill bad guy and save the world" kind of story. It won't be so bad if they can dramatise the story properly, but they didn't.

The animation was, at best, mediocre. I do appreciate that the fight scenes are better than what I've expected and there are hardly any reused battle scene, but apparently that's where they blown their budget on. The songs are ok; not that I really took notice of them.

I heard the game was good but it's a different case for the anime. Unless you really want to get more of T3 after playing the game... don't bother giving this a try.

Plot/Concept: Poor
Story Style: Fail
Audio/Visual: Mediocre
Value: 4