Yumekui Merry Ep11: So in the end...

... everyone's up against a crazy overpowered bitch and a (very very stereotypical) sadistic villain, who loves killing dream demons and torturing people because why the hell not. And they don't seem to have any other motive doing so, making this a typical good-guy-fight-bad-guy-to-protect-friends kind of show and devoid of any originality in the story. Because despite all the concept of dreams they had for the show, it doesn't seem to matter anymore.

But it ain't so bad, because of Treesea isn't such a talkative bitch, Isana would be "dead" three times over. Then again, if she did crush Isana's dreams, it would have lead to a more dramatic finale where Yumeji gets revenge on Treesea.

We need more Yui's cuteness and Engi's awesomesauce to make up for this. Too bad they only got, like, two minutes of screentime.

Anyway, the animation this week is really all over the place. The fighting scene was bad enough, where the camera angle are all shaky and disoriented, but even the slower scene where Isana is in the school seemed really choppy. Budget problems again, JC Staff? Come on...

And... wtf? Ijima ripping the clothes off Treesea? Are they trying a romantic angle between these two? UGH.

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