Hanasaku Iroha 01 is aww.....esome

I think I love to spoil myself on the blogosphere before giving any series a look. This is my impression of what's going on in the series, right before I watch it myself:

Ohana's tired of her current life her irresponsible mom gave her, and now that she ran off with her debt-ridden boyfriend, she took it as a chance to start anew. She dumped her boyfriend and moved to the countryside to live with her grandmother, who isn't as loving as she though she would be. She end up having to work for her keep and once got bitch-slapped so hard she nosebled.

I've never been so misled by synopsis of other websites before. Ohana's mom didn't exactly ran away from her responsiblity to look after her, she ran away because of her boyfriend's debt. Ohana didn't dump anyone, the guy just confessed and never appeared again (I suppose he would have a bigger role in the future). And Ohana just have a higher tendency to nosebleed more than other people, it wasn't exactly due to the slap she got from her grandma. But there's one thing that the paragraph above pictured correctly: Ohana's life is totally fucked.

One thing that really got to me is how indifferent Ohana's reaction is to all the crap she's been taking throughout the episode. It's not that she doesn't have a reaction, but I would find it normal if she did rage over it. I guess it tells you a lot about the life she had for the last 16 years under the care of such an irresponsibly mother, so much that the head waitress Wajima Tomoe thinks her mom's a total whore.

But once the light of the situation finally sets in, I guess it is too much for a little 16yo girl to handle after all. That's what I really loved about this particular scene. She might have be pretty indifferent throughout the whole episode and always putting on the strong front, but the tears that welled up in the end really tells you how much crap she tried to kept bottled up. That is quickly followed by a motivating yell as she cleans the corridor, showing that there's still plenty of fight left in her. GAMBATTE OHANA!

I never really took notice of voice actor Ito Kanae, but I'm surprised by how well she voice Ohana. It feels a world apart from the Asobi ni Iku yo's Elis, which was a pretty dumb character. What really surprised me was Miamiko Noto. I've hated most of the roles, particularly Nogizaka Haruka, but I'm pleased to see how well she can voice normal, sane characters as well. There's a better use for her voice than for shy, clumsyfuck characters.

Anyway, I enjoyed the OP as well. I couldn't find any information on the group nano.ripe, but can anyone confirm if the lead singer is the same as the one who sang Honey & Clover OPs?

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