Puella Magi Modoka Magica Ep 11

Damn Kyubei, attacking Homura's confidence at this crutial time.

Even without me having to rewatch the last few episode, this one really helps bring me up to speed on what has happened. And it's a very good build-up episode to the finale as well. This episode tells us a lot about how Homura's been feeling the whole time, all the stress she's been building up the previous timelines (seems like there were more than 5), and what she thinks of her ultimate mission after so long.

Homura comes clean.

When Homura finally comes clean with Madoka, I think I nearly cried. I totally feel the despair Homura's been feeling, all the emotion she's holding on inside and all the thing she know but has lost the ability to convey them. I don't blame her for not explaining everything anymore, because now I really understand. I got excited too, because this marks the point here that the guessing and debating and quarreling is over, and it's time for Madoka to take the main stage.

Strings of Fate wut?...

...but I totally understand how the timelessness can distort your thinking. Well, the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Inception (and many others) taught me that much.

I guess we all see this coming anyway, but it's a good setup to the next and final episode. I really wonder what Homura is thinking at this point. "Omg no"? or "Wtf, not again".

So it's really up to Madoka's wish to save everything after all.

I'm writing this right after watching this episode and before the next. No need to feel sorry Madoka, but you better make a goddamn awesome wish.

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