Working! Season 2 New Girl?

YES! My second favourite anime season of 2009 is getting a second season! And no, this is no April's fool.

Who's that new girl? According to MAL, she's Miyakoshi Hana,a character that's not on the manga but a webcomic original. I'm absolutely loving her energetic personality already. What's more, she's voice by Tomatsu Haruka! Check out that part in the middle where she used her Lala voice. The problem is she's on the April 1st announcement special, not the real one... The anime's home page doesn't show her at all, but I really do hope she makes it into the show, if not it's such a waste.

After Deadman Wonderland, now I have a series to look forward to ^.^


  1. Sorry, that is the April Fool's joke. In the last twenty seconds or so, the guy is asking what 'today' (April 1st) is called and the girl guessing before he says "Today is April-" and is cut off. Besides, I wouldn't want to watch this on VHS...

  2. Yeah I understand that part. But I just don't think they would hire a big-name seiyuu just to make a joke trailer, so I'm hoping she'll make a cameo or something. But still, if she doesn't appear, what a waste.

  3. I know what you mean, bringing Hana Miyakoshi's existance to the wider audience only to then tell us it's an April Fool's is quite cruel XD!

    I think they should do an anime of the webcomic [Neko-gumi] group now, if not as part of Series 2 (as apparently there's possibly not enough manga [Inu-gumi] content for a whole series, and that can mean only one thing, inva-, I mean, filler *invasion music in Star Wars Episode I*) or as its own series/Series 3 (afterall there are a number of western series that have, after a number of series with the same cast, come back with a difference cast for the next series), an OVA or Special then (perhaps an ONA in order to stay true to its roots ;))?

    If it's true that there's not enough Inu-gumi content for Series 2, it would be a good thing to throw a bit of Neko-gumi in there, given that the alternative woud be filler! Although given that Working!! is a 4koma, Series 1 probably contained a fair amount of filler, which was hopefully overseen by the original mangaka, because lack of consultation is a cause of bad filler, in my opinion!

    Still if the Series 2 filler is about Inami and/or Nazuna I won't be complaining ;)! Although that said, as I haven't immersed myself in the original material, I shouldn't be able to actually identify the filler!

    Miyakoshi reminds me of Ritsu from K-On! (which is ironic, as I found a K-On!! x Working!! Opening on YouTube (as well as one for Lucky Star) after watching the joke PV; Nodoka watching an army of U-tanning Yui, and Tsumugi dreamily gazing in three different instances :D), so had a look into the seiyuu, and was surprised to find they weren't the same, however there were a couple of series I did know her [Haruka Tomatsu] from, but didn't notice the vocal similarities!

    I think if you do a search (which I know is pretty hard seen as the show uses a pretty everyday English word as its title), you might be able to find a Neko-gumi Anime petition (or you could create one yourself), given that I've seen some posts around by a number of disappointed people, who were hoping for a Neko-gumi Anime, which is probably because how serious it was taken as, in addition to the PV, the website apparently featured a one-day only splash page (in place of the current one), which you can see on AnimeSuki's "Working!! (2nd Season)" forum topic, and on a couple of NSFW image sites!

  4. Heh, well I'll keep my eyes peeled for a petition; whether it's a link to one you've found, or one that you've created!

    You can even post the link anywhere you see posts of disappointment, such as the Chihiro-Subs site, as that's where I saw one, it actually looked like they had written an "angry letter" to animation studio for Working!! (unless I wasn't reading it right)!