The Longest Day at Kissuiso (Hanasaku Iroha Ep9) + Hanasaku pilgrimage?

Well we were all totally expecting a dramatic moment when Ko meets Ohana since episode 7 but damn! You're heading home just because the inn is full? Your LOVE LACKS POWER dude, I expected better out of you. You could have stayed somewhere nearby like Fukuya anyway. Oh, and your girl got *embraced* by a guy manlier than you in every way, on that same day you're trying to find her. Way to go, bro.

No, it isn't what you think. Ohana just collasped.

Well, at least Ko does play a certain role in the end. His motivation phone call does somewhat helped her get to Tohru, even if Ohana should have done the obvious in the first place. It does tells a lot about the relationship between the two though, and how it got past the awkwardness created by Ko's confession. But Ko better be trying harder though, for the sake of my anticipation of their meeting.

Once again the day is saved by Ohana's ability to try harder than anyone else, and her inability to feel embarrassment at her own actions. But of course this is why we all love Ohana! This is what made her so genki (in her own way) and unique (but not unrealistic), and so enjoyable to watch.

This isn't really related to the episode, but I just wanna take a moment to say how much I loved the lightly flushed cheeks of the characters. It doesn't really a blush, for all we know Ohana doesn't get embarrassed at anything after all. But perhaps it does makes the illusion that the characters are more emotional than what is scripted, but hey, it worked on me. And it worked well on Ohana's unusually pale face, for some reason. This is just a small detail, but it is and additional detail that most animes overlooked.

nano.ripe does makes a lot of awesome songs right? This isn't the first nano.ripe insert song, but I really loved how it complemented the otherwise meaningless journey back to Kissuiso. Well, except for the fact that Ko just passed by Ohana hugging another dude. Ouch! Lucky you didn't see that. Well, I'm still trying to figure out if the singer is the same as the Honey & Clover OP one.

The split-second pose of Minko made this scenes such a win, when she's trying to feed someone she likes with her first tempura. That, and with Ohana smiling stupidly at the entranceway at the two of them.

Jiroumaru, you've officially won the Most Useless Employee Award in kissuisou. Not only you've failed to recognise who the Mystery guest is (and wasting a lot of the crew's effort), you've officially creeped out a guest with your ridiculous performance. Please, I don't want to see anything like that when I go to Japan.

Next time, it's Ohana's turn to get sick. And she's having issues. And she's receiving the forehead-temperature-check from Tohru. And Ko's trying to get her to go back to Tokyo. Wow. I can't wait.

And what's with the flushed face and lips? (you can see how close Tohru is in reflection in her eyes) Looks like Tohru unintentionally (?) made a move on her.

P.S Since I'm preparing for a trip to Japan, I did a bit of research to see if Kissuiso actually exist... you know, so I can pay a pilgrimage or something. Well, Yunosagi station doesn't exist, neither does the ryokan that goes by that name, but according to this source it seemed like these two places are modeled after two seperate real locations. Check out Yuwaku Onsen in google maps, and check out (I) marker. The western most tower is proof?

P.P.S That's just a museum. Upon further research, it's actually based on an "ultra-luxurious" hotel known as "Hakuun Tower Hotel". It went bankrupt in 1998 and was kept as a cultural heritage until 2006, where it was dismantled after it was deemed to have no value after all =( Read more here (use Japanese Shift_JIS encoding).

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