What the hell? This isn't the Minatsuki I had in mind (Deadman Wonderland Ep6)

Umm no, I'm not talking about Minatsuki's true personality. As of now I've completed the available 45 chapter of manga awesomeness, so I had a pretty good idea what the rest of the story's gonna be like.

I do appreciate that the anime stuck faithfully to the manga, up to almost every scene, sequence and even dialogue. But these studios also gotta learn that manga and anime had a very different method of storytelling, and this episode shows that how sticking too faithfully to the manga isn't such a good idea.

Go read the these two chapters of the manga and you'll probably see what I mean. The anime had killed off 90% of the fight and Minatsuki's awesomeness.

First off, she had a SHITTY VA. Her voice work was so amateurish, forced, and fake-high-pitched that it hurt my ears.

Then it was the animation quality. The first pic right on TOP of this post is high-quality and detailed, but it didn't carry over to the animation. Sure all the blood hair were waving around, but this pan up of Minatsuki was choppy and had shoddy detailing (see the hair).

Then it was the expression of the scene. See how the "lighting" effect and black background in the manga helps depict her mentality? In the anime, she's just making a face for no good reason. And moving her tongue around while she talks. In the incredibly annoying voice.

And what's with her expression this round? She's a sadistic phycho, and the manga has done well expressing that. But Minatsuki is not a lunatic. She doesn't make crazy mouth movements just because of her temperament.

The "lighting" effects here again. And here in the manga, that frame can just be figuratively expressing her thoughts at the moment. The problem is when you actually sees her turn around and make a face just because, it looks really, really awkward.

I suppose they don't have the budget to animate this awesome scene, so we're making do with yet another lunatic laugh.

Another thing about manga depiction of a scene is that there's no sense of time. That's why you don't feel the flashbacks and all the talk dragging on and on the fight in the Narutoonepiecebleach manga, and how it becomes so painfully obvious in the anime. You see here that all the talk Ganta do was on just one page, but in the anime, you see him talk while walking slowly up to Minatsuki and it's painfully obvious to the anime audience that she could have done him in twice and eat a hot dog while he's obviously coming in for the kill.

The headbutt is a surprise because the manga kept it to one page. The anime totally killed the surprise here.

I think I should be the director of DMW instead.


  1. You know.. this might be an old post of yours, but this just made my day.
    Totally my opinion.
    Here, have a candy.

    1. This made my day too! Haven't seen the anime yet but i don't think i want to any more nyehhh
      but 'twas an amazing manga and the ending, WHYYYYY
      darn it wahhhh i want them to still talk though all the deadmen :'(
      here have a candy from me too

  2. Haven't read the manga but damn it the anime got me hooked