Spring 2011 Anime May Review Part 2: Hanasaku Iroha, Tiger & Bunny, Ao no Exorcist

Uguu~ The most emotional scene in the show season so far.

Hanasaku Iroha

I'm not gonna talk about how we came to expect too much out of the first two episodes anymore, because even if the other episode isn't as dramatic as we thought it would, Hanasaku Iroha has proved to be an extremely entertaining show. In fact, I totally love the show for what it is now. The studio have a very precise and subtle way of expressing the characters, like the scene where Ohana cried in the pic above. I can't find a better example where the scene really allows the audience to put themselves in the character's shoes.

And it's not just the emotional parts of the show that are good. The show had inject a lot of flavour into the minor characters as well, and I love their sense of humor while they're at it. I didn't enjoy Minchi's episode that much, but Tomoe is full of win.

Actually, if you're still expecting an all-out drama because of the first couple of episodes, it would be pretty unfair to the series itself. It's no doubt that various shows would try to make an epic introduction so as to secure viewership, and Hanasaku Iroha did a fantastic job at that. Perhaps too fantastic, which results in the unmet expectations. But seriously, watch the OP and you realise that it's trying to say that the show is a Working at the Ryokan story, not so much a High School Girl Drama story.

Ao no Exorcist

Like Deadman Wonderland, I pretty much got into this because of the awesome manga. Unlike DMW, it hasn't disappoint... yet. The story has been a snooze even until the 8th episode, but I enjoyed the characters, especially the twins Rin and Yukio with very different personalities.Rin is brash and rude most of the time, but he easily shows his nicer side to people that appreciate people's efforts and talents. Yukio calm demeanor and talent outclassed Rin, but they had excellent chemistry and it really shows when they are bickering or even fighting together. The fact that they are twins makes them complement each other very well. And of course, there's Shiemi, voiced by my goddess Hanazawa Kana. She's a moe overload as she is now, but I still can't wait to see her in regular school uniform.

Unfortunately, the animation could use a lot of improvement.

Tiger & Bunny

T&B had impressed me early on the with the concept and production values, but lately I've came to find the show a bit boring. I guess the main plot would be Bunny-chan trying to find his parent's killer, but the progress is awfully slow and frankly the fillers are way more enjoyable. The fact that the hero's approach to every conflict never changes makes it worse. I know that Kotetsu's goofy appearance is one of the selling points in the show, but he's been like this for every single battle for past 10 episode and well, he needs the change, doesn't he? And he should had tried harder to make it up to his daughter too.

And there's also that car-off-the-bridge scene in episode 10 that I can't ignore. Wild Tiger's stuck in the same spot for at least a minute and the miniguns can't tear him up? It looks like it all missed anyway. What the hell.

AND we need moar Huan Paolin (Dragon Kid). Because she's plain awesome. Who doesn't think so?

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