Spring 2011 Anime May...ish Review Part 3: AnoHana, Enma-kun and Summary Score

Ok, wow. I've never heard Tomatsu Haruka like that before.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi we Mada Shiranai

So what I've feared finally came; the gang starts to second guess Jinta's ability to see Menma, and thinking that's it's his own bullshit all the while. Aside for the fact the Menma's so coporeal, it also bugs me that the gang trust Jinta (somewhat) so easily and had made so much effort because Jinta claims to be able to see Menma. Well, now that Menma proves to be able to communicate with the gang after all (you only realised now?), we'll be able to see the story pick up the pace. But hey, it's nice to see that whatever Menma's wish is, it's already somewhat fulfilled now that the gang has been meeting up for a while now.

Dororon~ Enma-kun Meramera

It was only until around 4 episodes that I realised that I'm watching a fanservice show. It doesn't seem like any kind of plot is going to take place, and most likely the monster-of-the-week and its various ways of exploiting the female characters fomula would carry on until the end of the series. Well, at least it wasn't completely boring; the presentation can very incredibly lazy at times, but the unique style (old-school...) of the show and creative fanservice allows it to be a good way to pass time time <.<

Summary Ranking & Score

1. Hanasaku Iroha - A+
2. Anohana - A+
3. Ao no Exorcist - B-
4. Tiger & Bunny - C+
5. C - C (not trying to be funny, but...)
6. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko - C-
7. Enma-kun - C-
8. Deadman Wonderland - D

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