Series Review: C - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

C ended up being one of the rare noitaminA series that didn't quite make it.

C sells on only two things...
1. The concept, where the rules of the economy applied to a typical shounen combat anime in a parallel world, and how the "money" injected into the real world (via the combat) impacts its economy.
2. The ending, which is how the protagonist resolves the crash of the economy in the parallel world, which in turn "crashed" that of the real world.

Any progress in the story, character growth or developments throughout the series didn't help sell the show. Though I must admit that I was intrigued in the events happening every episode, I had zero apprehension for anything that might happen next. That's because the series spent most of the time explaining and expanding on the concept, and barely tries to buy the audience into the show with the characters or story. Most of the events that happened midway are mainly setups towards the finale and had very little other value in itself. This doesn't exactly made it boring but basically, they focused too much on the concept, and left very little for a complete story.

Another problem is that the series pretty much spoils its ending straight away. Even if it isn't painfully obvious where the plot is heading, the opening sequence assures you who the final opponent going to be. Since both the characters are on friendly terms until late in the story, the presentation of the OP had undermined the plot twist.
And lastly, with all the set-up towards the ending, it didn't play out quite as interesting as I hoped it would be... While I'm always a sucker of happy endings, this one happened mostly because of dumb luck, not the intelligence of the character, the story, or the writer. Hell, the protagonist didn't even expect that in the first place, and the point is that if the story didn't end up as a happy ending, it would still be hard to convince the audience if the protagonist's choice is the correct one.

Production values were rather poor. The songs are ok, but the animation is below average, which is surprising for a show on noitaminA slot. The only thing I could appreciate is Tomatsu Haruka voicing Mysu.

Overall: Not sure how else it should have gone, but it was a poor execution of an rather interesting concept.
Plot/Concept: Good
Story Style: Very weak, or should I say, very little effort
Audio/Visual: Poor
Value: 5