Negima 336: Fate X Negi

How long has it been since we've saw a normal classroom scene in Negima? 4 YEARS? Man, I missed this scene so much, I think I could cry. This particular scene also demonstrates well how much Ken's skills have improved these years. And isn't it rare that in such a big class, almost everyone's a familiar face? (click here to see bigger version)

It's pretty cool how everyone instantly gets ready for a fight the moment Fate shows up. It would be even cooler if (almost) everyone in the class transforms at the same time, but this isn't One Piece.

Awesome Eva, in all her awesomeness, only gave a fearless smirk.

Anyone else find Natsumi's soda-drinking pose really sexy? No wonder Ken gave her half a page...

Perhaps the real highlight of the chapter is this... although it's pretty much a one-line joke, but say this after telling the girls to give up on Negi creates some serious misunderstandings. Or perhaps Fate is intentionally trying to confuse the girls.

Ganbatte! Help prevent Negima from being a BL manga.