Series Review: Kamisama Dolls is Cheap (7/10)

Add a little blood, and it would correctly depict what the show is all about.
Kamisama Dolls is a cheap entertainment. It was entertaining, but I can't ignore that fact that it runs on a very flawed concept. Either that, or it's because the series is plagued with amateurish directing.

The rushed ending would best justifies this statement. The last show I've seen that was so brutally rushed was Kaichou wa Maid-sama... Granted, that was worse, but they are similar in a sense that the ending became an almost desperate move to wrap up the loose ends. In this case, there's a pretty forced conclusion between the Kyouhei and Hibino, and between him and Aki. It could have been worse, I know, but there's no foreshadowing or build-up to those conclusions... It just happened. What could have been a climax, or one which could have been very emotional or delivered with a lot of impact, can pretty much be only acknowledged with a "meh". There's nothing I hate to see more than a scene with huge wasted potential, and this is it.

And there seemed to be way too many times where I tend to find the show inappropriate. Don't get me started on how Hibino's over-exaggerated breasts seem to create breast compartments in her clothes, and that's just one of them. The series often tends to (and wants to) create a comedic situation in the worst possible moments. Let's not forget that obsession and hate forms a very large part of the characters, but we can't seem to build up on a dark atmosphere without an out-of-place joke ruining the moment. In a show where murder, torture and rape is a very real thing, the show seems to be begging us to not take it seriously.

And intentionally or not, that's actually how the show became fun to watch.

I couldn't care much for Kamisama Dolls at first, because the show had an incredibly slow start and hardly anything meaningful happened for the first half of the season. In the latter half, though, the series quickly became one of the most enjoyable shows in that week, because of the progress in the story and ironically, how I couldn't take it seriously. The story actually made the comedy more interesting, you see. The flashback episode on Aki's past is the only one which had any real impact on me, but the effect quickly gets dissolved when the regular episodes kicks back in.

The animation quality is really bad, and it got downright terrible in the last few episodes. The overall poor production quality didn't really do justice to the awesome songs sang by Chiaki Ishikawa. Strangely, the ending theme is usually the one with the most impact in most episodes.

With the amount of foreshadowing for the next season, as well as the hilarity that ensues, I actually can't wait for the next season. This is what Kamisama Dolls is like for me; instead of the story (like how it's intended), I got entertained by the jokes, fan-service and the general nonsensical direction of the show. That is why Kamisama Dolls is cheap entertainment.

Plot/Concept: Good?
Story Style: Good, I guess?
Audio/Visual: Chiaki Ishikawa songs = awesome. Animation = terribad.
Value: 7