AFA11 in Singapore

Pictured above is the highlight of AFA11 for me, the live dubbing of Chiwa Saito. The guy on the left is Danny Choo who is also the host of the AFA stage events. It's a pity she only appeared on stage for like 15 mins, and only dubbed a few scenes from PM3... no Senjougahara, no Sigyn Erster, no Lucchini... she did say "Hazukashii serifu kinshi" as Aika from ARIA (fan request) and something else as her Keroro character, but that's pretty much it.

Sorry that this isn't a picspam, as I didn't think most of them are very interesting, and I didn't even take a lot of them... Conventions aren't really my thing, since I don't really care about the cosplayers, the mechandise, or even the singers... Of course I'll be ecstatic if Marble, Shinbo or Horie Yui actually made it to the event, but I doubt they'll ever come to AFA...

One thing I've noticed is that the convention is waaaay more crowded compared to the previous years, and I figured it might have something to do with the Hatsune Miku concert (which is awesome). The percentage of attendees who are cos players seems to have dropped though. I can't remember if there's a fan art gallery last year, but it has been replaced with booths where yo can actually buy the art pieces. Most of them are trinkets like badges and stuff, but you can also buy copies of the illustrations.

It seems like Miku's concert is going to be a yearly thing. I was prepared to travel to wherever the concert is taking place when I heard that they're actually willing to host it at a place like LA, so this is good news. Suntec Convetion Centre is just a bus ride away from my house =3

Sketches of the Anohana characters (as seen in the OP)

Can't remember which booth this is, but it features entirely FSN and Touhou stuff.

A series of works at one of the booths in the fan art area.

Some of the figurines on display at the Kotobukiya area.

Madoka and Homura nendoroids at the Good Smile Booth.

Either at the Good Smile or Dwango booth. A really awesome unpainted figure of Saber with a motorcycle, from Fate/Zero.

LOL, Odex has been reduced to cushion sellers. Business seems pretty good, though.

Nico Nico Douga live streaming from AFA, which is a really interesting concept. People from all over the world (mainly Japan anyway) can comment real time on whatever happening in front of that camera. I actually logged on to the stream myself and spent most of my Sunday commenting stupid stuff, lol.

One of the cosplayers I thought was pretty good. She even had the correct footwear, although it's suppose to be worn only within school boundaries, lol.

When I visited Danny Choo's blog years ago, Mirai was just a concept and a blog mascot, with exactly TWO pose (with multiple expressions). Now she has an entire booth dedicated to her, a whole line of merchandise, an ita-car based on her, and even an anime in production with Danny Choo himself voicing one of the characters. Hot damn.

A whole lot of Mirai(s) got beheaded and replaced with other figma heads. L to R Kirino, Mio, Mirai, Saber, Lynette, Haruhi, Madoka, Kyon, Mugi...

Holy shit, Danny Choo figurine!