Guilty Crown Ep7 - 8 things to complain about

Only Shu can fall down and grab something inappropriate twice in a row.
I can't do it. I wanted to see the worth of GC without the clichés and non-logic, but I've seen too many other series for that to happen. Actually, I don't think anyone who had seen a decent amount of films (of any sorts) can do that either. Sorry I took so long to realize. I guess I'm just guilty about wanting to give the show a chance.

At least they're trying to keep the audience happy by introducing even more girls this episode. The sad thing is that none of them are very original either. So we need to introduce a mom? Let's make her ageless and sexy, because who needs old and wrinkly old ladies? Let's parade her in a lingerie and give her some skinship with the main character because why the hell not. It's not like it totally came out of nowhere...

Well... not in the context of Guilty Crown anyway.

Honestly, though, there should be a limit on how young you can go. Haruka looks even younger than Arisa. If not for the beer can they made her hold in her first scene, I would have assume they made a mistake and drew Shu's sister instead.

Apart from the introduction of new characters Arisa, Haruka and the muscle commander, this episode is mainly boring filler. Shu and Inori somehow went back to school, and Shu controversially became the most popular guy in class, with a little help from Arisa and his idiot friends. Funeral Parlor has a problem with supplies, so they Gai and Shu sneaked into a anti-GHQ party in order to "negotiate" a deal with Arisa's grandfather, only to be attacked by GHQ because Gai intentionally leaked the info to the newly introduced commander. This prompted Shu to use Arisa's void and transform the incoming missiles into fireworks to complement the orchestra music of the party, who are completely oblivious to their impending doom.

So, yeah, not very interesting to talk about, so I'll give you a list to complain about instead. GC being the kind of show it is, does made it easy to create a list of this sorts.

Things to complain about:
1. Talk about cheap: they used a grand total of SIX frames to play out Arisa's backstory and family situation AND the objective for the party.
2. God, Haruka's so far away, yet the first thing Shu did is to run in the opposite direction the very instant he saw her. And promptly bumping into other guests.
3. Why did Arisa ran after Shu which could possibly create a scene? Did Shu owe her money?
4. Crouch down behind a flower pot to pick up a call? Way to go trying to stay low. There's a fucking curtain beside you for you to hide behind.
5. Shouting at Gai who's at the second floor is pretty damn conspicuous.
6. How did Gai know that he'll be able to defend from the GHQ attack in the first place?
7. Can Arisa's void stop the impact of the missiles or not?
8. Arisa's way too easy. They're really overdoing the Gai=Cool thing.

Of course, you don't have to agree, but catching and ranting about these mistakes actually makes this more fun in the end. GC's probably the only anime that gives me this many things to complain about, so I might as well exploit it.