12 Moments of Anime #3: Gathering of the 5 Kages

If you're a reader of Naruto, then you will know what a game changing moment this is.

The history of Naruto is plagued by war. Practically all of the tragedies and losses are a resulting consequence between the war fought by the five main ninja villages, who represent the five biggest countries in the world of Naruto. Even during peace, the relationship between the villages remains volatile and hostile, with all the espionage and greed pertaining to their village's interests.

Not in this very moment. The leaders of the five biggest ninja villages stood side-by-side to face a common enemy, and like Oonoki said, is really incredible for a team where the members would normally try their best to erase each other. And don't forget that these Kages also represents the most powerful ninja of their village. One can only guess what this team can achieve, be it in politics or in combat.

It's like a team of Obama, Putin, Premier Wen Jiabao, Niclolas Sarkozy and David Cameron.