12 Moments of Anime #4: Charlotte!

Sometimes explaining why you love a character is just silly, but what the heck.

Not to be confused with Charlotte from Puella Magi Madoka Magica who is apparently way more famous.

Infinite Stratos might not be a very good anime, but it certainly knows how to treat the ladies right. In the character designs, at least. That's the reason the series scored 7/10 from despite having a shitty storyline, direction and animation quality. That might sound unreasonable high, but midway through the series I shifted my expectations to their primary selling point. After all, when you watch an anime, you're trying to enjoy it, not to simply scrutinize it.

Charlotte is a cheap blend of common moé archetypes, but it's also a perfect blend of moé archetypes. Her individual traits does not stand out, but combined with the unusually close relationship with the protagonist, it makes her something special. A character is shaped not by her given traits but by her scripted events, and I think that has a lot to do with why Charlotte become the most popular character in IS (according to MAL, anyway).

Charlotte is my anime bishoujo of the year. I don't usually claim characters as "waifus", but I might just make an exception for her =D