New Year (Anime) Resolutions, Site Update, Anniversary, Changes, and gosh, I don't know what I'm talking about

(Sorry for the excessive expletives)

First of all, Akemashite omedetou minna-san! May we all have a good year ahead of us. Well, 2011 is a pretty bad year for anime, to me at least. Except for the best-sellers, I can't even say confidently that I loved all of my top 12 picks. As long as we're not all going to die, 2012 would definitely be better. I hope.

Well, this would be a tl;dr rant. I hate posts like that, truly, and I almost never read tl;dr anyway unless it's MAY, so if you're anything like me you should bounce now, really. The above paragraph is all that is for this post. My head is now full of shit (again, sorry for the excessive expletives in this post) and I just need to get stuff out before I can continue blogging like I want to.

So, you know about the two-year curse of anime bloggers? It seems that a ton of anime blogs doesn't last 2 years before they gets burned out or lose interest. I don't know about other people, but I've always saw this as a real threat, even before I began blogging. And guess what? I've just experienced firsthand on what being "burned out" feels like.

The latter half of December feels like Basic Military Training to me (yeah I've been through that shit). On top of juggling all the stuff I need to do for my new job, there's also the art assignments I need to complete for my entry into university, and there seems to be tons of friends and family commitments, art classes, driving classes, and I also had to deal with the 12 days of Christmas Post that I unwisely got myself into, unprepared. Seriously, towards the end of the 12 days, I feel like I started making up shit as I go along. Because there just aren't 12 moments in 2011 that would stay with me. I mean, no doubt they are the 12 most memorable ones in the end, but I can't remember half of them already. I could have made it into something more meaningful to me with my posts, but without preparation, and having to post everyday, depleted my limited brain-juice for that one. (The Hatsune Miku concert was genuine, although nobody gives a shit)

And there comes the problem. When you make good posts with good response, you get the enthusiasm and energy to keep going. But when you start writing shit, you look back and stare at your shit and questions youself "Is this the kind of standard I have?" And you get bummed out and there goes all the energy you once had. I wonder if my fellow bloggers ever felt the same?

So this is me getting burned out. I mean, I could have gotten a post out days ago, but my creative juices simply fails to exists and I just sat there site-hopping, watching videos I didn't care about, go out and hang with friends at every opportunity, re-site-hopping the same sites I've been visiting 5 minutes ago, and simply doing anything not-blogging. It's funny right? It took most people two years, and it took me only one.

Yeah, that's right. As of 1/1/12, I've been blogging anime for a year. I tried to pretend that I didn't, because I've never achieved any milestones that I could brag about. But yeah, whatever, I admit that I can't be considered a newfag anymore just because this restarted blog has only been a few months old. Well yeah, my old blog is still there, go see it if you want, but it's so filled with shit that I can't bear to look at it anymore. Ugh. I think I left it there to remind me of my shame.

Well. So, this rant is like a remedy to my burnout. Somehow I feel the need to get this out before I can continue blogging, really. Normalcy would began tomorrow. Meanwhile, enjoy the reward pic, Jinx style.

So anyway... this is me trying to talk like Louis CK. I love that guy.

And oh... wait! There's still my anime resolutions for 2011.

- I would not be doing anymore Season Previews, because I can't (and won't) do a better research than many other blogs, especially Random Curiosity, so there's no point in writing that. However, I may do Pre-season impressions, but that depends. I'm not sure I would write one for this season, since it already started (I thought the first episode of the year would start on 5th Jan... oh well)

- I would try my best to finish up the reviews I procrastinated to write for the shows I watched in 2011, like Denpa Onna, Mayo Chiki, Angel Beats!, Yosuga no Sora, TTGL, etc...

- I would try my best to finish watching the best of 2011, namely Mawaru Penguindrum, Steins;Gate, Usagi Drop, Fate/Zero, and err... wait, that's it. I almost forgot that 2011 sucked.

- I really need to check out Milky Holmes and Durarara.

- I had made a futile attempt in episodic blogging for Guilty Crown, and my waning interest... well, made my posts suck. Really bad. I mean, I can't believe I wrote all that. I picked GC for it's tendency to not suck, but well... you know the rest. So up till now, I've never completed blogging any one series, but I'm still gonna try.