First Impression of Campione!

Chance meeting with a pretty, tsuntsun, rich and well-endowed girl... check.

Insanely powerful artifact that grants immense combat power... check.

Hot milf sensei that grants you that power... check.

Big stupid monsters that are just practice enemies... check.

Unidentified evil mastermind with a deep voice and sits on a throne... check.

Bad drunk and fanservice on the first day... check.

Laugh in the face of danger (+bonus female lead gets charmed)... check.

Power unlocking/enhancing/boosting kiss... check.

Well, it's not all that bad... the screenwriting is good enough for you to ignore the clichés that follow one after another to make the most generic fantasy + boy-gets-new-found-power anime you could think of. It's just that when you look at the big picture, you see something that is not unlike the other 9001 anime you've seen before.

Verdict: There are too many better shows this season for me to go for something this formulaic.


  1. I like this show and I'm going to watch it but your post is spot on and you re probably right.

    In a few episodes it is going to degenerate into a typical harem anime and it's not going to be worth the time.

    I like the BGM and the concepts of the show. So saddening. =(

    1. I should mention that I've watched the second episode, and I could make another post in the same format. Lead girl falls for protagonist for no good reason > Transfer into the same class > Announcing their "love" to her new classmates > Snatching the seat beside the protagonist > Protagonist gets beaten up for "getting a girlfriend". Actually, I stopped watching from that point onwards. It's not worth making a post for that.