First Impressions of Tari Tari

Instant synopsis: A girl who blew her chance to sing with the school's choir tries to start her own club.

Man, the ANN synopsis sure makes this sound boring. But if you're trying to figure out what this show is about, you don't have much to go on; my instant synopsis pretty much covers everything that happens in the first episode.

But within the first 5 minute of the show, Tari Tari quickly reminds me of HanaIro and how much I love it. It might not be HanaIro's director and writer at the helm, but P.A works still shows the same intricate attention to detail and the animation that separates each character. In short, the production quality is superb.

The way I see it, the show would probably about these teenagers finding their dream, working hard towards a goal, overcoming obstacles... usual stuff like that, but they might surprise me. I don't suppose it would be too different from the story style of HanaIro, although I don't think that would be well-received by many people.

Still, it's getting off an excellent start. And I love Seto Asami's portrayal as the energetic Konatsu.

Verdict: Watching


  1. Tari Tari is just beautiful. Smooth animation, great backrounds. I don’t really care about the story right now, it’s just a pretty show at the moment and that’s entertainment enough for now.

    1. I think the story style has lot to do with it (see latest post). The pretty animation has a lot to do with it, but there's also a lot about the characters and their reactions.

      Story-wise, not so much. But it's just the beginning, we'll see.