Series Review: Strike Witches 2 (please handle this anime with caution)

Instant summary: A bunch of girls fight aliens.

Welcome back to the world of Strike Witches, where girls doesn't wear pants. Actually, whatever you see as underwear here are considered pants. Throughout the very first OVA and the first season, I've always thought that it was because they needed most of their legs in the magic flying machines (Striker units), and that gave them excuse for their brazen lack of proper clothing (to our standards, anyway). Well, until I saw that granny who also bares her bottom half. And since she had no business with Striker units (only teenagers can use magic), I realized that they never had an excuse for their fashion choice; the creator shamelessly designed this to be the social norm.

Now that we established that fact that the creator is probably totally shameless, I should note that the anime isn't holding anything back at all. In fact, they seized every possible opportunity to flash the girls' underpants as much as possible, and every now and then they would have a fast action scene that would directly shove the girl's crotch in your face.

Meet Lieutenant Gertrud Barkhorn.
It made the first season look tame. The fan-service doesn't stop here... there also seem to be a whole lot of bathing scenes that bares the top as well. Coupled with the HUGE improvements in animation quality, this is lolicon's gold. "Awesome" is the word I have that I'm not sure where to put, because I'm struggling with the pedophilia nature of all this. These girls are pretty bloody young.

I'm going to talk about the story, even though there's not supposed to be a need to. Strike Witches doesn't need a story, it just needs something for the girls to dance to. But for someone who looks for a good plot in everything, Strike Witches actually gave more than I bargained for. Don't expect an epic plot twist, but the story had plenty of insight into the various characters, some development, and even a climax that got me genuinely hooked. In the first season, I truly felt that they solely exist for their ass. This time round, I'm surprised that I felt them exist as a full character.

Strike Witches is something that would bring out the lolicon in you. But save that problem for later. Watch and enjoy this first, then fight your inner demons afterwards.

Plot/Concept: (I'll let you know when I conquered my inner demons)
Story Style: Great!
Audio/Visual: Great! (Surprisingly)
Value: 8

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