First Impressions: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

Instant Summary: A bunch of antisocial high-schoolers form a club to learn how to make friends.

I've had many words for the first season of Haganai, and most of them are negative. I'm not surprised they made a season, though. The attractive character designs and pandering archetypes are more than enough to secure a sizable fanbase.

The animation has improved a lot since the last season, but my problems with the title remains the same. There isn't a coherent plot that actually let the characters "learn to make friends". There's no development of any kind. That won't be a problem if the title banks purely on slice-of-life, jokes or both, but it's mostly comedy based on the pandering archetypes, including a very unlikable bitch.

Everything about this title feels so cheap.

Outlook: Hell no.

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