First Impressions: GJ-Bu

Instant Summary: A bunch of people in a club without a purpose.

This is one of the growing number of anime titles that puts a bunch of girls with a single guy in a club, where they do nothing but talk most of the time. With the exception of Joshiraku (which actually had a number of scenes outside of the room), most of the titles like these suck.

And in 3 episodes, GJ-Bu proved itself to be one of the worst titles in this particular genre. The characters designs are extremely stereotypical, on top being slightly annoying. The music is lame. The animation is dull. And most importantly, their jokes are so bad. It's one of the very few times where there's absolutely nothing I like about the show, although there's nothing I really hate about it too.

I came into this mostly for Uchida Maaya's (who voiced Rikka in Chuunibyou) new role, but all she had become is a new KugiRie. What a waste.

Outlook: Extremely boring.

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