First Impressions: Mangirl!

Instant Summary: A bunch of girls form a manga publishing film, even if they have no idea how to.

I've always watched 3-min anime titles not because they're anything interesting, but because they're an easy way to spend/waste a spare bit of time. I can't remember if any of them was any good at all, but some of them, like last season's Teekyuu, was still somewhat entertaining. While I'll say Mangirl! is still a pretty good time waster, it didn't stand out. That is to say, it isn't all that interesting either.

Among the ones I've seen, the jokes in Mangirl! seems milder than the rest. The really cute characters are a big plus, although they didn't add much to the hollow characters. A bit of insight into the manga editor's world could be interesting, although I don't feel that the show is serious enough to make use of that.

Outlook: Pretty much the average-est anime there is.

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