First Impressions: Oreshura

Instant Summary: The school beauty blackmailed the protagonist into becoming her boyfriend, making his childhood friend jealous.

I'm not gonna type out the whole title because seriously, fuck that.

First off, why is the whole colour scheme so darn pale? Since when it is ever a good idea? I might understand if you're trying to do something fuwa fuwa like Aria, but so far it's been pretty much all-out comedy.

The anime is rubbing me the wrong way, in every way possible. Our main heroine is a complete bitch. Our protagonist is an ex-chuunibyou that gets pushed around by the main heroine. The whole show runs on the manipulative tricks of our bitchy heroine. The random chuunibyou segments made me cringe more than it made me laugh. And instead of enjoying the eccentric antics of Chiwa, all I felt was pity for her.

And while she's the only likable character in the title so far, she seems doomed to become a tragic heroine. Isn't it how it always goes? Ichigo 100% seems to be the only title that did anything different. Pretty soon, we'll hear about the tragic history of our bitch heroine, the protagonist's empathy would then turn into affection, and our dear Chiwa would end up pairing with a secondary character no one gave half a shit about. Either that, or an open, inconclusive ending. Sure, I'm just speculating for now, but the first 3 episodes doesn't inspire much confidence that they would try anything out of the ordinary.

In short, the comedy failed terribly, and I don't like where the romance part is going. There's two other heroines who has yet to make an appearance, but I highly doubt that their presence is going to significantly improve things.

Oh, and for some reason, our bitch heroine doesn't wear pantsu. How is that suppose to add to the character?

Outlook: Horrible.

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