First Impressions: Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

Instant Summary: A shut-in (hikikomori) has the power to alter reality.

...Yes, the summary is a bit of a spoiler, but I'll keep it that way. You see, the first episode can be pretty frustrating to watch. It revealed little to no info about the setting of the show, and it plunges straight into a insane series of unexplainable action ranging from coating the entire world with chocolate to fighting giant tentacles with rocket launcher bursting out from a high-schooler's tits. While it may be the studio's intention to draw attention with the mania, but the frustration quickly turned into irritation for me.

With such a insane first episode, I found it really hard to be convinced by the extremely brief explanation in the following episodes. I was still fully expecting the half-assed explanation to be some sort of red herring, or delusions of our main character.

The sad thing is that despite the bold opening to the show that seems to blow up half the budget of the anime, the whole fiasco is still visually unappealing. We all know that Shaft makes poop every now and then, and Sasami-san seems guaranteed to be one of them. Aside for a small bits of fan-service and comedy, the "reality alternation" theme is the main bait of the title, but I'm not biting. There aren't many complaining about show like I do, but it really didn't wow many people at all. I'm really not expecting a lot from this one.

Outlook: Disappointing

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