First Impressions: Aiura

Instant Summary: "What happens when there is nothing happening."

It would be hard to write an episode summary for something like Aiura. The first episode, for example, could be something like "Ayuko goes to a taiyaki shop". That's not even a summary, because that's all that has happened in the entire episode. Despite its short run time, Aiura is in no hurry whatsoever; the scenes goes by so incredibly slowly. It's a complete opposite of Teekyuu.

I hope I don't sound like I'm trying to put Aiura down, because despite the speed of things, the first impression is actually pretty good. The girls look lively and cute. The events happens in a light, slightly humorous style (this is slice-of-life after all). The animation uses lovely pastel colours with a nice, sketchy style. The voices of the main characters sounds uniquely fresh and raw, because they are new seiyuus with literally no other project to their names. These three could possibly be the whole point of the whole project.

I'd like to think of this as an experiment project to test creativity, voice talent, concept, etc. If this were my project, I think I would be pretty proud to see how it actually turns out.

Outlook: Pretty interesting!

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