First Impressions: Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

Instant summary: The hairdressing scissors of a hair-cutting fanatic turns out be a weapon with real, murderous powers.

This is a highly anticipated anime? You gotta be shitting me.

What does it tell you when the first episode itself is full of melodramatic slow-mos and cheesy glitters? It means they're actually compensating for the lack of real content. Not a good start.

And that's just the beginning. The weird fetish of main character Kiri has made the first ten minutes of the show really uncomfortable to sit through, because all the blushing and panting seems to point to the raging boner he gets by touching female lead Iwai's hair. And Iwai, in return, also pants like a cat in heat for no reason. We have a scene where the main pair is in a state of physical arousal barely ten minutes after they met, which the show led you to believe that it would end up in a disturbingly bad angle if not for a sudden interruption. What kind of genius thought this up?

The premises is a little similar to stuff like Mirai Nikki and Btooom, that puts a clueless protagonist in a killing game that is likely going to end in a last-man-standing situation. And it always involves at least one sicko/sadistic/insane character. And everyone has a unique weapon, only this time it's stuff like hairdressing scissors and medical syringes. Is it even a good idea? I don't know yet, but until now the scissors and syringe proves to be fairly boring, despite the history behind each "weapon". Especially not when you gave the weapon corny names you'd expect to see on a MMORPG boss. Next time you'd tell me there's a guy with the "Murdering Axe of Demonic Orcs". I still cringe every time they addressed the scissors or the guy as "Dansai Bunri".

I don't even want to begin on the extremely one-dimensional characters. I don't know how good the source material is, but it probably didn't deserve this kind of treatment.

Outlook: Ridiculous

P.S The Crime Edge is actually a pair of thinning shears, and they are not supposed give a clean cut like that.

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