First Impressions: Hataraku Maou-sama!

Instant Summary: The most powerful being in the demon came to the human world, lost almost all of his powers, and restarts his life from a dirt poor part-timer.

White Fox strikes again! Now that's seriously the studio to look out for.

I wonder if you can call it gap moé? That would certainly be true for our female hero Emilia, who's also reduced to a mere human from the level of power she share with the demon king. The concept of a noble living a commoner life has been done before (e.g. Kure-nai), but the difference that span across worlds? That's simply brilliant. Seeing how well the demon king has been reduced to a peasant is pretty funny in itself, but the rivalry between the hero and demon king takes the cake. Who'd have guessed that they would be comrades sharing the same plight?

The series is full of hilarious moments, extremely likable characters and runs on a great concept. Even if it may not be as well produced as other titles, it could very well be the most enjoyable title of the season! We'll see.

Outlook: Brilliant!

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