First Impressions: Karneval

Instant Summary: I have no fucking idea.

The anime starts with a guy, Nai, who's imprisoned in a house for some reason. He's also searching for an unseen character for reasons unknown. A thief, Gareki, broke in the house and broke him out for his expensive looking bracelet, instead of, you know, stealing from him. Later, they end up on a train that happens to be the stage of a kidnapping case, which later transforms into a terrorist bombing case. The members of the paramilitary Circus showed and kicked the terrorist's asses with insane acrobatics, magic and little help from Gareki.

With everything as confusing as it is, I lost track of when they ended up as wanted criminals. The story's all over the place, and everything that has happened doesn't tie together.

And so... I stopped caring. It's easy to see where they're heading with this, but it's mostly clever guesswork. The anime completely failed to shape the plot at all in 2 episodes, and the huge amount of bishouens, especially the puppy-eyed softy Nai, is setting off more than a few alarms. So...

Outlook: ...No.

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