First Impressions: Yuyushiki

Instant Summary: A bunch of laid-back girls surf the net and... do stuff.

The source manga comes from the same magazine as Hidamari Sketch, so it's easy to know what to expect. I had expected a 3-min short, but they actually had enough content for a full half-hour episode? Wow.

Anyway, Yui is the tsukkomi that hangs out with two bokes, Yuzu and Yukari, where Yuzu is the insane one in charge of all the hijinks. The episodes are mostly about them discussing various topics, some very briefly, before jumping into name puns, silly names and generally whatever topic that comes to mind. Barely anything actually happened in the 3 episodes and honestly, there isn't even a good joke up till now, but I do find myself chuckling here and there. It's the magic of light-hearted anime! Of course not many people can stomach something like these (actually, everyone but slice-of-life fans), but I guess I could actually see the appeal in this.

Outlook: Fairly appealing, but strictly only for slice-of-life fans.

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