Series Review: Minami-ke Tadaima (9/10)

Instant Summary: Three sisters live without their parents and their friends (from middle, junior high and high school) visits probably way too often.

OKAERI Minami-ke! Finally, we have a competent studio in charge of the anime. I recall that Asread did such a horrible job that even their promotional material looks awful. I had honestly thought that they ruined all hopes of any sequel, because their last botched job was in 2009. Thank god for studio Feel! And I guess it's lucky that people loved the franchise enough to warrant 4 seasons.

And I must say, studio Feel probably took it further than studio Daume had in the first season. Minami-ke's slice-of-life comedy is pure and mellow, but at some point it almost became stale. Feel had overcomed that weakness, and everything feels livelier and funnier than ever. They even had a really good ending! Who the hell actually saw that coming?

The anime has a huge and entertaining cast with, like, three whole sets of characters from three different schools, and the special thing about them is they're still unique and distinguishable. I won't even doubt that there's still plenty of profit to bleed from the franchise, and hopefully it'll still be studio Feel to do that.

Plot/Concept: It's the same, familiar and likable cast, as always.
Story style: They kept it simple, and they kept it funny.
Audio/Visual: Good
Value: 9

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