Series Review: Yama no Susume (7/10)

Instant Summary: A mountain hiking enthusiast (forcibly) introduce a friend into the hobby.

Everyone could appreciate a bit of slice-of-life every now and then. The problem is that 25 min episodes become a drag for most people, unless it's chock full of comedy or fanservice, although it's hard to call it a slice-of-life at that point. So make it into a 3 min episode! As I've said many times before, the idea is utter genius.

The educational part about this anime makes it more interesting too. And rising star Asumi Kana really brought a lot of life into the title.

The downside is that while enjoyable, the characters and anime itself become forgettable, unlike many of the best slice-of-life titles out there. But that's ok, so does most of the characters in 3 min titles, with perhaps the only exception of Nyaruko (also voiced by Asumi Kana)

It's not something I would look forward to, but I certainly won't mind seeing more.

Plot/Concept: An awesome combination.
Story Style: Little originality to speak of, but nonetheless enjoyable.
Audio/Visual: Good
Value: 7

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