Random Musings: Gargantia Ep5, Railgun Ep4, Henneko Ep4, Valvrave Ep4

Amy grew several cup sizes for this, but that's a problem for approximate zero people. Big boob Amy FTW!
Episodic posts are a pain in the arse. Let see if I can try something new...

Suisei no Gargantia Ep5

- Probably one of the best beach episodes ever, except there were no beach.
- Thank god they didn't sparkle or glitter the shot where the "camera" pans over the girls in bikinis. I hate it when they oversell...
- They spent almost the entire episode in bikinis. Why can't more episodes be like these? Heck, why can't more animes be like this?
- Love how they nonchalantly flew around the whole fleet in their bikinis. It's like walking across your whole town in your swimsuit. I need to go live on the Gargantia.
- Is it still a mech anime at this point?

To-aru Kagaku no Railgun Ep4

- I'm pretty sure Misaka Imouto had flat, monochromatic brown eyes in the previous titles (Index 1, 2 and Railgun 1). She has normal eyes now... Is it J.C. Staff's attempt to give the character more "life"?
- They also changed Nunotaba Shinobu's unique eyes from the manga... something I'm not happy with.
- 4 episodes in and so little has happened... this is getting boring for me. Although it's mostly because this is my 4th time reading/watching the sisters arc. The ending is unlikely to differ much, so there's nothing to anticipate...
- Is Satou Rina getting too old for Misaka?

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko Ep4

- In the first episode I'd have sworn that the main two characters had swapped traits. I guess that's not the case after all?...
- Unsurprisingly, cracks has already began to show. Episode 4 was incredibly rushed, and Onee-chan's character got dumbed down waaay to fast. It became unrealistic and almost ruined the character.

Valvrave the Liberator Ep4

- This episode makes me so mad, I don't know why I still clung on to hopes that it would be something good later on.
- Like, for example, Shouko would risk the authenticity of a piece of information that everyone's lives depends on, just to protect a unknown suspicious girl from being found out?
- Imagine how the series would be ruined if she actually stripped naked to prove a point? Well, if words doesn't work, tits should, right?
- So JIOR spend so much time and money to develop a mech that could kill the pilot if he made fun of the mech's mascot?
- So Haruto tries to convince the pilot not to get into the Valvrave... by screaming? How about some actual reason?
- Why won't he want another pilot for Valvrave anyway? We can always use a couple more vampires...
- The school song and the Moses thing made me cringe so hard.
- They were so dismissive of Shouko, but paid so much attention to L-elf?
- AND not arrest/capture him after that? No one finds him suspicious for knowing so much?
- The extremely pessimistic student body turns incredibly optimistic in 30 secs because a risky proposition from a teenager?
- So they're going to break away from the rest of the country? Don't they need supplies like, food, water, electricity and air?
- Just... look that the students chanting for Independence with Shouko as president...
- There's only two things I know for sure: one, Sunrise's trademark angsty protagonist is just going to get angst-ier, and two, the writers are just going to smoke even more pot for the rest of the season.


  1. Dude, Valvrave is dumb but so are some of your complaints.

    Shouko has a pretty big heart even if she is just a silly girl in the end. Not everyone is a cynic who immediately sells out anyone that isn't their best friend or lover. She didn't want to piss on someone else's life. Her stupid move with the stripping (which was openly called out as stupid) only gave her a chance to go look for actual proof. Which she did find by rescuing Haruto.

    Haruto really doesn't know enough about how the Valvrave works to come up with a better reason. It wasn't surprising that the mecha would kill unauthorized pilots though, joke or no joke. You're acting like Haruto had any real knowledge or say in the matter.

    You're expecting a bunch of kids who barely know what they're up against to arrest L-Elf?

    Shouko's idea isn't very smart but I think you miss how crowd mentality works, especially among teenagers, much less in a desperate situation.

    You're assuming that there aren't any supplies or power or water in the sphere as it is. Which is questionable since it seems to include a lot more than just the school.

    1. Right, this has been debated back and forth on the net, but I'll give you my take on this. Before that, you should know that the post is more personal than an attack on the writing.

      Piss on someone's life or let a few hundred people die? Gee, I don't know. My problem is how she could risk so many people's lives because of a single sentence, without even knowing the circumstances behind. For all I know, that hikkikomori girl cold be just conscious of her dress sense, and now hundreds might potentially die because of it.

      Haruto might not know enough about the Valvrave, but he knows enough to know that getting in is a bad idea. Even if he doesn't, I can think of more than a few ways to be convincing other than screaming about it being cursed.

      Why won't they arrest him? Maybe not arrest, but I'd expect them to grab him for some answers. But no, apparently he doesn't seem suspicious whatsoever.

      I know crowd mentality doesn't work in 30 seconds. Ok, let's just say I find it very unconvincing that it worked in just 30 seconds. Let's not even talk about how united and enthusiastic they were after that.

      Well, since the module comprises entirely of students (none of their parents are there, mind you), I AM assuming that it comprises of just the school. And yeah, I'm assuming a few things. That none of the students know much about growing food, and the future doesn't have a machine that eats poop and poop steaks.

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