My Ideal Anime Cast: Guys vs Girls story

Here's my effort in joining Yerocha's idea of picking characters that would best represent our Ideal Anime. It's a cool idea; won't we all like to imagine what it'll be like for our favourite or most memorable characters match up against each other?

I was all hyped up trying to create my best zombie apocalypse team, but Yerocha's Five-Man Band would be better material. But instead of using a best representation of each role, I thought I'll try something different. I'll draw a story around this premises, putting characters I thought would be interesting (instead of suitable) for the role and create an interesting synergy between them. Now that's my ideal anime.

This is going to be a bit more towards what I'd imagine my ideal story to be like. So I implore you not to see how the character define the role, but how the role would shape the character.

The Main Characters

The Guy Team, Leading Characters L to R: Black ★ Star (Soul Eater), Accelerator (To-Aru series), Araragi Koyomi (Monogatari series), Rock Lee (Naruto), Kurenai Shinkurou (Kure-nai)

The Hero

In way too many series, the hero is but a narrative device until the time comes for him to shine. Protagonists like that who can deliver a cool line every now and then are dime a dozen, and because of this, my favourite characters are rarely protagonists. Araragi is something different. He's probably the weakest member in my five-man-band, but I probably can't find a better person that should have the biggest influence in the group. He'll make the worst decisions in the best of times, because I don't need a boring traditional five-man-band. His perversion is something to worry about, but that's probably the reason why I wanted him to take up the most screen-time in my ideal anime, IYKWIM.

The Lancer

Zoro would be a fine choice, but he never gave me gutsy feeling I see in Rock Lee. His awkwardness would never let him steal the spotlight off my lead character, yet he's that one guy we would all secretly root for. In the story of Naruto, he proved to be extremely dependable in the right moments, and even if outmatched, you can be sure he would die trying. And I might actually need him to do that sometime.

The Smart Guy

God, I really hate this archetype in a team. They're often either as weak as shit, stealing the spotlight with some long-winded explanation, or stealing the girl. So for my A-Team, I would need to reinvent this a little.

The calculation ability of espers is vague, but Accelerator has an unquestionably formidable level of skill, one and made him almost god-like (not yet shown on anime). Although his brain is irreparably damaged, he's using a network of 10,000 other brains to make up for it. And unless in a frenzy, he's also the most-level headed of the group, and also the smartest. So you think the brains of the group is an easy target? You're about to be lynched.

The Big Guy

I know, I know. Black Star is an imp compared to other guys in the same roles, but his spirit is bigger than god. Besides his physical size, he has everything that attributes him to be the toughest guy on the team. He hits harder than most, and he had had taken damage that would kill a big man twice over. His intelligence might be a problem, but that means he doesn't know when to give up. There is no one harder to take down than this tough son of a bitch. Except for maybe Wolverine, but I don't consider him an anime character.

The Chick

Having a girl on my A-Team would break my GAR combo, but Shinkurou totally fits my bill of "soft guy that hits hard" anyway. His kindness and compassion would never be in doubt; just look at the number of girls he scored. His attitude that maintained despite his familarity with violence makes him an important influence on the group; especially on Accelerator and Black ★ Star. But being the chick doesn't make him a pushover; time and again, he has shown to be able to defeat the toughest foes, while displaying a huge capacity for damage.

The Antagonists

So that just leaves the Big Bad right? Wrong! I didn't create team of GAR just to fight a scheming schmuck. Let me present to you my (overpowered) Team B, that would serves as the antagonists to my A-Team for a majority of my ideal anime. Team moe, if you will.

The Girl Team, Antagonists L to R: Dark Sakura (Fate/Stay Night), Nagato Yuki (MoSH), Revy (Black Lagoon), Lucy (Elfen Lied), Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)

The Hero (Primary Antagonist)

I'd like to see Dark Sakura not as corrupted version of Sakura Matou, but a new entity filled with only with destruction and death. Because, well, her background as Sakura Matou doesn't matter here, only the personality that is devoid of any humanity. She's a blank slate of a character with a simple motive, which is to destroy the A-Team. Her ability to deal damage without justification or reason for hesitation gives her the first step in the leadership role, but its the capacity of growth, when she learns of human emotions, that makes her the Hero of the evil team. This is not a representation of the Hero role, but it's something I definitively would like to see explored.

The Lancer

She's an ideal Smart Guy, but Nagato Yuki's passiveness makes it detrimental to that role, and I have no need for a really high level of intelligence on this team. Screw that deredere Nagato that's been popping up all over the boards since Soushitsu, and give me the stone-cold, emotionless alien that the brigade just met in the literature club room. I'm putting Nagato's unwavering stance and loyalty to Haruhi to test here. How far would she go to protect Dark Sakura? Her capacity for growth is also one of the reasons I put her here, any maybe at the end of the story, we might be able to enjoy a tiny bit of deredere Nagato.

The Big Guy

No one screams hardcore louder than Revy. She might not be as destructive as the other super-humans on her team, but she has a similar kill count to match. Much like other Tanks, her trigger-happy mindset is paired with an ability to absorb huge amounts of punishment. Revy might not be the hardest girl even in her own series, but she a good representation of one.

The Smart Guy

If you round off the intelligence level of this team, you can say that the team is, overall, pretty dumb; Nagato's passiveness isn't going to help much. But that's ok, it allows them pose a greater danger to others when you realize how destructive this team is. She is no less powerful, but when the team is causing wanton damage, Lucy would be one in control of the situation and consequences, because she's probably the most human on the inside. Her craftiness, experience and higher-than-human intelligence puts her in this spot of the team.

The Chick

Shiro's a bit of an unknown identity; how much of her is the murderous Wretched Egg, and how much of her is Ganta's childhood friend? Much like Shinkurou, her role as the Chick is not to be looked down upon; she is a source of all of the deadly ability known as Branches of Sin, and her body is invulnerable. While her personality stays as Shiro, her unlimited liveliness would have a positive effect on the team. But when she took on the Wretched Egg persona, who knows?

And finally, of course...

The (Real) Big Bad

In the end, the battle between the two teams would have been orchestrated by the real Big Bad - Kyuubei. I do not know what Friend or Sanetoshi (the Big Bad that other bloggers chose) is like, but I've not known a better antagonist than our fluffy mascot. Not only he's the unexpected villain, but he's also not evil; everything he did was justified, and the bigger picture tells you that he's doing the right thing. Yet the process was mortifying and you can't help but hate him; it's a definite answer that he's the bad guy, but he changed the question; who exactly is the enemy, after all? Kyuubei invented a new way to screw you over, and it doesn't get any worse than that.
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