Guilty Crown Ep3 - Much Better

Inori moves in with Shu. I think we all saw this coming, right?

Well. This episode isn't spectacular, but is much better. Although my prediction that all evidences that paints Inori and Shu as terrorists got erased came true, which is all too convenient. The fact that Shu still attends school without a care in the world, without knowing if he really got exposed, is still really unsettling. In Inori's case it wasn't too surprising since we totally expect her to do the craziest shits anyway.

Gai indeed has the ability to see other people's Void after all, but that also poses new questions. How much can he "see" exactly? It appears that the ability allows him to see not just the shape and name, but the specific use, effect, and even the AOE of Daryl's Void. I had a feeling that he might have seen a King's Power in action before, or even possess a similar one right now. Well, I think we can totally expect someone somewhere to possess a King's Power or Prince's Power or whatever's power they had in mind anyway.

It seems that Inori's non-existent personality isn't a design flaw, but it's totally what her character is all about. Inori is basically what you get when you put a newly awaken Chobits besides a cold-hearted scheming (but totally awesome) bastard. She doesn't have a problem stripping in front of Shu (although it's not like her clothes cover much anyway), and seems to have no qualms for killing a fellow classmate. Well, I don't really mind... A dense character like that isn't uncommon, but at least it wasn't cliché to the point of being unlikable.

Which reminds me, Inori actually tried to cover up when Shu found her half-naked in episode 1. Now she doesn't have a problem... change of heart, maybe?

I wonder if Gai ever took advantage of her because of her denseness =X

On the more interesting note, the story is quick to set-up a asshole that everyone hates. What's more dislikable than a guy who appears to be needlessly mature but turns out to be a two-faced bastard that is quick to cover his own ass? I doubt we would see the last of him, considering that his void has a trigger and it at least looked useful in a battle. I wonder if he rattled out on Inori along with Shu, but I doubt that Inori would have a problem getting away with anything.

On the downside, rules of the King's power appears to be extremely convenient to sell the show as well.
1. You can only pull the void from someone age 17 and below? Makes a good excuse for a high-school setting, or to use as many teenagers as possible.
2. A person would not have the memories when they got their void out. Saves the messy explanations.
3. You need eye contact. All the reason we need to get Shu in some boob-grabbing action for not doing it.

Shu is... still kind of a wimp, but at least he got motivated enough to take action, even if it's just to save his own skin. I'm really just waiting for the moment for him to "wake up", or for Gai to give him a Kamina speech. Actually, he might do better meleeing his opponent to death instead, seeing that he has just an awesome "punch".

Next week, expect lots of action from the Undertakers busting Shu out of torture prison. And fanservice. And getting their wanted status mysteriously erased from the government record again. I shouldn't expect so much.