Lucky Star Pilgrimage Washinomiya/Hiiragi Shrine

Opps, I was going to follow this up after the K-ON pilgrimage post, but I kinda forgot about it.

Before I go on, I must state that this pilgrimage won't be quite as interesting as the K-ON one, because first of all, Lucky Star's a 2004 series, and that means that the hype is mostly gone and there probably won't be quite as many otaku-related stuff to see. Secondly, I'm no LS fan, so I might miss out on a lot of details only a real fan can see. Lastly, Washinomiya Shrine is still a fully functional shrine, so you can't expect them to set aside a whole area for the fans. In fact, the only thing in the shrine that is related to otaku culture are the ema tablets (wooden wish tablets). See Zyl's blog for more.

Anyway, if you're planning to make the trip as well, you can take the Tohoku main line in Ueno, Tokyo to Kuki, then transfer to the Tobu Isesaki Line. Washinomiya is just one stop away... remember that there's a Higashi (east)-Washinomiya station, which is also one stop away on the other transfer line... which is not what you're looking for.

So yeah, head to this exit... which is towards the left after the ticket barrier.

Head down the straight road after the exit and turn left at the first junction with the traffic lights. You can't miss it, because the Torii gates are fairly obvious at the junction. If you still feel unsafe, fret not, these Lucky Star banners are there to guide you along.

Some of the shops along the way that's cashing in on the opportunity.

The shrine entrance and shrine grounds. The signature stone columns in the LS op (see Zyl's post) are gone now, sadly. Like I've said, most of the shrine is fairly normal.

Here are the emas. Some of them are downright amazing.

Radio Washinomiya? This is the first building right outside the shrine.

Anyway, back at the Washinomiya station, there's a float that's used in festivals that's actually based off LS. I'm not sure if it's used anymore, but it sure looks awesome. This is the exact same float in the picture found in the real Sakuragaoka High School, and you can see it in that other post.