Series Review: Kamisama Hajimemashita (8/10)

Instant Summary: A homeless high school girl takes over the role of an earth deity in an abandoned shrine. Which comes pre-packaged with a super hot bishounen demon fox.

I feel that I rarely get to see a shoujo title done right. This didn't seem very impressive on first glance until psgels sang praises for it, although it sometimes feels like he's the only who gave a hoot about the show.

So, we have a perky, energetic and somewhat comedic female main character. Like Kaichou wa Maid-sama, this scores a lot of points for me already, just by not having a boring, empty shell of a main character that represent the fujoshi audience that are constantly being charmed by the manly actions of uber pretty boys. Also, the main character is not constantly trying to get laid, which is something so pervasively common in shoujo titles.

What we do get, though, is something simple that is strangely endearing and enjoyable. You won't be wrong to say that is runs on cheap jokes and cliche gags, but you won't be giving credit to the cheerful and cute atmosphere that it runs so well on. The characters themselves are easily likable, and despite the many overused traits of shoujo titles (like blush scenes), the very simple love story worked out great with a huge amount of good comedy. In fact, I'll like to see this more as a comedy than anything. Also, it has definitely one of the most satisfying endings that season.

And since there are some loose ends, I'll definitely like to see a season two.

Plot/Concept: Simple, but effective.
Story Style: A good mix of comedy keeps things lively.
Audio/Visual: Fairly good animation with a really lovable opening sequence. (Love her poses)
Value: 8

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