Boku wa Tomodachi wa Sukunai 00 - Omg, the voice

I've said this before, I have no idea why it had gathered so much popularity in Japan and on the internets. The manga is as boring as hell, and maybe I have not read far enough to see the reason for its popularity, but it looked like the lamest harem set-up you can imagine. But what the hell, I gave episode 0 a try anyway.

So, no surprises here that the episode failed to entertain me even a tiny bit. But I guess that it would work pretty well with the fans though. I have another problem. What's up with Yozora's voice?

Urg, I know I probably got used to anime high school girls squealing and screeching and talking in an extremely cute way or in a extremely high pitch, but that's totally different from what I've expected. In contrast to Sena's common cute voice and our well-abused dose of Hanazawa Kana, we get an very deep version of Marina Inoue. It sounds really weird. And out of place. Out of place in an anime, in fact. Now I picture Yozora with a voice of an Obaa-san, and that's one more reason for me to not like this anime. Relax haters, I've got big love for Marina, but her job on Yozora isn't going to win me over.