Guilty Crown Ep6

Come on Gai, he didn't even feel that one.
Late post is late.

And here's why: I've almost totally lost interest in Guilty Crown. For the past two episodes I had put off watching them for almost half a week, unlike the other series this season where I would usually watch them straight off the bat, and that includes the "pretty crappy" Haganai. I've mentioned in the previous episode post, that the show is now best described as "boring". I can't even think of a subtext for this episode.

The first half of the episode is filled with Shu being a wuss, a hypocrite and kind of a dick all at the same time, and a angsty Gai going through a mid-life crisis. Shu somehow thinks he has the rights to oppose the plan put forward by Gai, considering that he's the new kid on the block and he is indirectly responsible for most of the recent GHQ deaths. Gai suddenly gains a tender side and we starts to see him doubting his own abilities. Well, at least either the producer or the writer thinks that's interesting. As a bonus, we get a "real men talks with fists" segment.

The second half of the episode is filled with action, GC-style. And by now, we should have realized that GC-style action scene means throwing logic out of the window and giving it the finger. No problem, I'm numb to it by now. Combining different Voids into a newer weapons isn't a terribly interesting concept though, but I have issues with how overpowered it is.

Next, I'm going to blow up that really tall tower over there. Just because I can.
The crazy thing about this Inori+Kenji weapon isn't just the power, it's the auto-aim. That's the only reason why Shu is able to shoot down the satellite in outer space without any kind of aiming equipment. I'm sure you can see the potential of this totally imbalance weapon. This game-ender might as well be a cheat code. I hope that they would have a good explanation on why this new overpowered weapon isn't going to win them the war instantly, but who am I kidding?

On the bright side, the characters are earning a bit of points from me. Tsugumi's by default set on "awesome" (as long as she doesn't start gaining a corny background story), Ayase has become a lot more likable, and I'm actually interested to see what the budding friendship between Gai and Shu would lead to. And that leaves us...

Jackpot. Ahem.
Inori. I can overlook a lot of things, but THIS... this I cannot forgive. I know how cool it is for Inori to be a femme fatale, but the writers are making it so easy for her, they aren't even trying. And that makes her character look stupid. And they made this scene looked really stupid. First off, the goons announce their arrival by shooting at their feet. They aren't even noticed, but they didn't even aim for the head. Then the second round of goons merely charged at Inori without firing WHY? So that Inori can pick them off one by one while doing her best Dante impression. In the end, the writers had achieved nothing with Inori and she's still the same mindless husk as she was the previous 5 episodes. They should have prop her up somewhere nice and clean as a simple fanservice character like Tsugumi, but no.

So Inori, just go and die already. Take your childhood friend scenario and cram it.