12 Moments of Anime #7: Ohana's first tears

Remember that when the first episode of HanaIro aired, everyone was talking about how awesome it was? The series might not have pleased everyone in the end, but I think most would agree that the first episode did made quite an impression. Also known as "Ohana's worst days ever".

In her own words, Ohana thought of herself as a pragmatic person. I'd like to think of her as an incredibly mature person for her age. She's only 16, yet she had to deal with all the housework, including meals, for her useless mother. And when shit hits the fan, she dumped Ohana at foreign place while she ran off with her not-father boyfriend. Ohana didn't cry, sulk or even frown, and took it like a man. Except that she's not a man.

And yet, the worst has yet to come. Remember all the crap she had to deal with right as she steps into Kissuisou?

1. Being told to die and making the worst possible first impression with your roommate,
2. being told to work your ass off to earn your keep immediately and
3. being told that you're worth shit to the person that's supposed to take care of you;

4. Bullied by your uncle,
5. having to tell on your mom to get help (to the person who only cares about your mom's dirty little secrets)
6. neglected by your peer/roommate who's suppose to assist you;

7. Completely failing to click with your peer,
8. f*ck up your first day of work by trying to be nice,
9. and have the person you're trying to be nice to, take the fall for it.

It wasn't like the people at Kissuisou are all horrible people. It wasn't a hostile environment where everyone is your enemy. It's just that everything seems to go horrible wrong for Ohana all at the same time, even if Ohana tried to make the best out of the situation. I had began to see Ohana as an incredibly tough girl for being able to deal with so much. But when her first tears fell, it becomes clear how much she's holding in. She was all alone; no friends to talk to, no allies. I heard my heart break.

It was unforgettable.