12 Moments of Anime #8: Yuru Yuri Murder Scene (+comic)

Yuru Yuri is a surprisingly funny series in the summer season, and I even ranked it amongst my top shows of the year. (Review) I know, I've said this so many times that I feel I'm losing credibility as a writer.

More about the series itself in the other posts. I feel that I had to give Yuru Yuri a mention in one of the 12 moments of anime. It was either this or that other kissing scene, but draggle already got that one covered. I'm cheating a little because this is practically the final scene in the show and I've mentioned this twice, but what the heck.

So... Chitose is on a chocolate-induced high that sets her on a kissing frenzy. It's obvious where this leads to, so I won't say much... check out this crappy little comic strip I made.

First Chinatsu, now Chitose. Poor Akarin.
Luckily for the rest of the cast, Chitose is extremely susceptible to nosebleeds when she sees a possible yuri situation, so Yui suggests that they hit her with one from the most-shipped couple.

And so, Chitose died in a spectacular fountain of blood. Everyone lives happily ever after.

This would be the third time I used this image. It never gets old, does it.
Oh, and Akarin died as well.